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Hello Office, Djerf Avenue

Stepping into Djerf Avenue's office at Humlegården in Stockholm feels like stepping into an alternate reality, where the colors are stronger, the air warmer and the sun brighter. We are welcomed at the door by Matilda and her dog Rufus, and are offered coffee in organic, handmade cups in red and pink, embossed with the company name. How we have longed to see the final result of amongst the longest curtains the Gotain team has sewn!

Together with Studio Dorrian Matilda has built her vision for Djerf Avenue, and it's hard to believe that it was only months ago that they stepped over the threshold for the first time. The colors are consistent throughout the space and are tied together by a light blue shade which is reocurring on both carpentry and furniture. Curtains in the color Sand were the perfect complement, which are mixed in two different textures, depending on the function they fill.

As large areas of the office are used for photography, fitting rooms are given. Here we have customized rails in rounded shapes, which are dressed with curtains in woven linen sand, to create two separate rooms that still blend together with the window curtains.

In the conference rooms, the curtains hang in two layers, a thin linen curtain in Sand and a woven linen curtain in Sand, depending on how brightly the sun shines in.

In the office, hang thin linen curtains in Sand, perfect for a textile feel and airy sun protection, but without blocking light.

Also Matilda's room is dressed in thin linen curtains, which give the room warmth and a soft feeling!