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Hello Home, Lina Paciello

Lina Paciello is everyone's inspiration when it comes to the dream of life in the countryside and how to decorate with the feeling of a southern European farmhouse. The only difference - in a home outside Stockholm. Over the past year, Lina and her family have transformed their garden into a self-sufficient farm in miniature, with everything from yellow, red and green tomatoes to sage and large pumpkins, ripe to be picked.

The dream of being close to nature has always been present in Lina's life, and is also reflected in the interior, where materials such as wood, linen and stone set the tone. The dining room, that is drenched in sunshine this day, is surrounded by thin linen curtains in white that trickle the light into beautiful patterns on the floor. To enhance the relaxed and natural style of Lina, the curtains have a generous trail on the floor.

In their house outside Stockholm, Lina lives with her family, her husband, son and daughter, and the latest addition is the dog Nando, that Lina adopted after a trip abroad.

In addition to working as a creator, Lina runs several companies, all with a focus on sustainability. Gröna Gredelina offers its customers timeless and practical household products for the sustainable home, and ÛNE Atelier, Lina's latest passion, curates and presents vintage pieces within home and interior design. It is safe to say that Lina's passion for sustainability, vintage and natural materials permeates everything she does, from entrepreneurship to interior design.

The living room which is adjacent to the dining room has, just like the dining room, black curtain rods. A simple trick to connect the two rooms together. Here, thin linen curtains in Sand drape the room, with an even more generous trail (approx. 5cm), and the sand-colored tone provides warmth and invites to gatheringings. The black shade of the curtain rod is something that Lina has chosen to keep as reocurring detail in the interior, which gives an elegant contrast to the natural feeling of the textiles.

In a room with a sloping ceiling, a lot of questions often arise in connection with curtains, but this Lina has answered with flying colors. Even in rooms with lower ceiling, there are tricks to enhance and increase the height and space of the room, where the first thing is to put the curtain rod as high up as possible.

We often recommend letting the curtain rod stretch about 30cm extra on each side of the window so that the curtains can be pulled aside. Lina has chosen a sheer curtain that lets light in, even when draped in front of the window, and becaus of that there's no need for as much space on the sides of the rail for the curtains. For those of you who also want a sheerer curtain in the bedroom, you can hide a roller blind behind, for a light feeling without compromising on long comfortable mornings sleeping in.