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Hello Home, Wessely's

In the heart of Stockholm, hidden away in a building with a facade painted with strokes of history, we find the home of the artist Alexander Wessely, the interior designer Chloe Wessely and their family. A home where every detail is a homage to beauty and function, where art not only decorates the walls but is integrated in every part of daily life.

The living room is draped with new ivory bouclé curtains, whose texture adds both a layer of warmth and softness, but also that final piece that ties together the decor of the room. The furniture pieces are few, but carefully curated. Every chair, every table, has a story to tell, either through its design, its origin, or the artistic process through which is was created.

In the bedroom aestetic and function meet in harmonious symbiosis. The room is a sanctuary where the city's noise softly fades away behind blackout bouclé drapes. Aside from being a practical detail, the curtains add texture and weight to the room for a sense of calm and privacy.

The room is decorated with an eye for details where every object not only is chosen for its design, but also for its story. One of those details is the lamp that stately decorates the window sill, a unique creation from a Rick Owens fashion show. The lamp is as much a sculpture as it is a source of light, and a perfect conversation starter that carries memories from the dynamic atmosphere of the world of fashion.

Chloe Wessely, whose energy gives life to the room, shares an anecdote about the closet wall. Behind the discreet doors hides a world of organization and aesthetic precision. Both she and Alexander have a passion for fashion, but their approach is equally moderate and focused as their vision for decor. In their closets you will only black clothes, a color that to them represents both simplicity and endless possibilities of texture and form.

In the childrens room dreams have taken shape in a world where fantasy and elegance meet. Here an extravagant bed canopy has been created, a centerpiece that embraces their daughter Mini's bed and transforms it into a place for tales and sleep. The bed canopy is made out of curtains in woven linen and drapes down from an elegant curtain pelmet in the ceiling.

What makes this bed canopy unique is not only its drapings and the heavy linen qualities, but also the secret that it hides. Behind the beautiful fabric hides another entrance to the apartment, a passage that the family have chosen to not use. The entrance is a part of the history of this home, a story that now is enclosed by linen and a childs fantasies.