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Hello Home, Pernilla Wahlgren

In the beating heart of Lidingö, surrounded by verdant trees and the tranquil closeness to the sea, a new house has brought the neighborhood to life. A magnificent home has been risen on top of a hill during the last years, and it’s clear from the first glance, here resides a person with character.

Pernilla Wahlgren’s home is a true reflection of her personality and warmth, and the colorful decor conveyed through a palette of pastels, such as pink and turquoise, has almost become her signature. Pernilla shares this home with her husband Christian, her son Theo, and a big food-loving family that is more than happy to visit. In the spacious living room every detail is carefully selected to create a feeling of space and openness. The extra long, sheer linen curtains that frame the impressive windows create an airy feeling, while at the same time adding warmth to the room. The grand windows might be what is mostly associated with this well-noted home, and here the possibility to shield yourself from the rays of sunlight is essential in order to not live in a greenhouse during the warm months of the year.

The love of food and cooking made it an easy choice for Pernilla to make the kitchen, with its open floor plan, into the heart of the house. Thanks to a grand cooking island with space to seat guests, every night can become a theatrical show, where the chef becomes the star.

In the bedroom your eyes are immediately drawn to the arched windows that stretch all the way up to the ridge roof. The windows, which are full of character, are not only an appreciated source of natural light; they are also an architectural element that demand a bespoke curtain solution, to create balance between privacy protection and intimacy. Here you can find café curtains in pink woven linen, together with a customized curtain solution fitted to Pernilla’s slanted windows, in the same textile. To avoid the curtains stealing any much light during daytime, they are gathered in brass curtain tie-backs, a detail that adds both function and form.

It’s clear that the color pink is what makes Pernilla’s decor thrive, and the consistent presence of pink also gives the overall color palette a subtile touch of playfulness to this elegant environment.

In the pink ensuite bathroom the window has been draped with a roman blind in sheer linen that filters the soft daylight. The walls are dressed in pink tiles with an organic feeling, the texture makes it reminiscent of Zelliege-tiles and brings your mind to a Moroccan Medina, but with a Scandinavian twist. Instead of competing for attention, the colorful tiles and the soft roman blind complete each other in a way that amplifies every element of the room. As the window does not have a frame and is tiled like the rest of the room, Pernilla has chosen to place the blind in the window niche, which additionally enhances the feeling of the blind being one with the space.

Her son Theo’s room is the only one in the house that does not have pink as an accent, instead we find a tranquil blue color that sets the tone of the decor. Even in this room we find an impressive amount of windows that contribute to an amazing light, all dressed in the same curtain combination of sheer linen and blackout woven linen.

This combination is often called a hotel-look and thanks to the double layers makes it possible to choose hos much light admission you want. By closing the sheer layer, the sunlight is filtered but not limited and by closing the blackout layer you can easily transform day into night (perfect for a teenager).

A constant throughout the home is that the colorful decor is counterbalanced by the natural materials and nuances of the curtains. Contrasts enhance, and the evidence has never been as clear as in this grand home on top of the hill.