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Hello Home, Micha Wissén

It’s impossible to not start a visit at Michaela Wissén without trowing yourself on the floor, where her little furry friend Willow greets all guests as if they all were her best friends. So there we were, in a pile on the floor together with Willow, and waving to Micha from a distance.

Michaela Wissén is a photographer, influencer and by now, also an explorer given all the amazing places her photography takes her. Following her social media is like, for a moment, being transferred to a new world, where she documents people, culture, food and travels with a breezy ease that captures a feeling like no other. But today we captured her at home in her apartment that she shares with her husband Andreas, and the barely 20cm tall nugget Willow, and we were oh-so excited to see the curtains and final result.

We did actually visit Micha and her husband Andreas this spring already to make grand curtain plans, but back then the home was far from what we see today. Kitchen and bathroom were to be refurbished, and more doors than we could count were covered by plastic and dust. Not at all what we are met by today, as the kitchen and bathroom have both transformed into true eye-catchers that contribute to the warm and inviting feeling of the apartment.

One side of the apartment made out of three adjoining rooms, kitchen, living room och dining area, where the classic turn of the century windows let in generous amounts of light. To tie the rooms together they are all painted in a warm white tone, and have been dressed in the same textile, woven linen curtains in the color Sand. Both the dining area and living room are draped with curtain lengths mounted on black curtain rods, a classic and elegant look, whereas the kitchen got a roman blind in the same fabric. Together with the light walls they create a harmonious and perfect canvas for the decor, where a prominent theme of color ties the rooms together.

In the bedroom we participated in great debates regarding the color of the black out curtains last time we were here, where team Gotain unanimously voted for the color Khaki. Michaela was also feeling it, but was at the same time hesitant that the color might be too dark. Today we can see that it turned out just as beautiful as we had imagined it, and thank god Michaela and Andreas both agree!

Here the curtains hang from a wall mounted rail, and four curtains in single width together drape all windows along the wall. It’s easy to get scared of a deeper color, but in combination with light walls they rather create a welcome contrast and something compelling in the decor.

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