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Hello Home, Matilda, Hampus & Bob

When Matilda entered Gotain's showroom one day in March 2020, she was one of the very first to become a part of the Gotain family. As the positive, warm and confident person Matilda is, she quickly became an incredibly important part of the team. We have visited Matilda, Bob and Hampus in their newly renovated apartment in Vasastan.

Matilda and Hampus had for a long time been looking for an apartment on the ground floor, as they have two cats that move freely both inside and outside. It can be a challenge to live on the first floor, and especially when the windows face the street in a big city. It is important to give the light the best possible conditions to reach into the apartment, and at the same time as you want a privacy against curious eyes from the street. Matilda has worked as Showroom Manager at Gotain, so the solution was at the fingertips for her - hotel curtains!

The fact that the decision fell on the hotel curtains throughout the apartment creates a uniformity in the interior, along an entire wall in the living room and kitchen and in combination with a blackout velvet curtain in the bedrooms. Matilda has let the curtains float across the floor, for practical reasons as three out of five family members currently (2 cats + Bob, 1 year old) move at a floor level, even though she herself loves the feeling of a heavier trail.

The lightweight hotel curtains are contrasted by the boldly patterned cooking island in marble. In the kitchen, Matilda has chosen to combine two different designs on the countertop fronts, a wooden door and a creamy white door. With only dark wooden doors, there would have been a risk that the entire kitchen felt smaller and more confined, but thanks to the balance with the lighter doors, the entire kitchen feels airy, modern and inviting.

Matilda and Hampus have a great interest in design, both in fashion and interior design, something that is really reflected in their shared home. The marble dining table has been auctioned, and is matched with steel and velvet dining table chairs from Danish Menu.

The contrasts between the dark and the light are a recurring theme in the interior, and when it came time for curtains, they actually chose to take down existing white curtain rails to replace them with black rails. The black is also picked up in the coffee table, also a vintage find, which with its elongated shape takes up a large visual space without limiting the passages in the room.