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Hello Home, Lisa Tellbe

At Lisa Tellbe’s home at Gärdet we are met by something that is far from the 30's nordic modernism that you would expect from the area, characterized by smaller windows, more compact rooms and function over form. Here we are met by massive windows stretching from floor to ceiling, solid wooden floors, and details such as Chanel shoes that whisper about Lisa’s interest in fashion.

In this bright apartment Lisa lives together with her partner John, and they tell us that the apartment was bought years before they moved in. The pandemic delayed the renovation, and they had no choice but to kindly wait for the apartment to be finalized. The first room we enter is the bedroom, where the crowning jewel is the massive bedstead in wood and green velvet which sets the tone for the decor. The feeling is modern and airy, yet solid and grounded thanks to the green color that is consistent throughout the art, furniture and details. The apartment is surrounded by a grand terrace that extends along both the bedroom and living room, where the windows are draped by hotel voile curtains from floor to ceiling to filter light and create a privacy protection.

The bedroom is draped with hotel voile curtains in combination with ivory colored blackout curtains in woven linen, as a timeless back drop perfect for Lisa's creative side to play with color and shapes. We have brought a selection of pillows for the photoshoot, but when we put the mustard colored pillows on the bed we all catch our breath. The Gotnoir pattern with a mustard colored base are a perfect match with Lisa's green details!

In the living room decor the sheer curtains are setting the tone, and are contrasted by bold furniture, like the coffee table in burlap wood and the brutalist design of the couch. The icing on the cake is the mustard colored sphere pillow that accentuates the warmth of the carpet, and the amazing floral masterpieces that are placed around the apartment.

Between the living room and the kitchen the hotel voile stretch endlessly, like an invisible barrier from the outside world, and Lisa tells us that she appreciates them as much on a rainy day as on a sunny one. In the summer the sheer curtains catch most of the strongest sunlight, and in the winter they can trick the eye into not seeing just how grey the weather actually is.

The open floor plan makes the dining area and kitchen feel connected, where the kitchen is new and white whereas the teak dining table and chairs are more than a few years old. Introducing furniture with a history in a new developement apartment is often the key in creating a personal, warm and welcoming feeling, something that Lisa and John truly have suceeded with!