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Hello Home, Lina Laurin

Visiting Lina Laurin's home in Bromma feels like a unique opportunity to step behind the scenes into an interior design lover's candy store, filled to the brim with timeless lighting. Which pieces are her favorites and have found a place in Lina's own home?

Lina Laurin, the founder of Studio Laurin, has made a name for herself in the interior design world with her passion for antique lighting. Many know her for the grand chandeliers in Italian Murano glass that adorn exclusive homes and interior design magazines, but her passion for antiques and lighting doesn’t stop there. With a sharp eye for detail and an intuitive sense of quality, Laurin has built her business around the vision of reviving the timeless heritage of classic lighting.

Upon entering the hallway, one is immediately struck by the impressive ceiling height and the expansive skylights that bathe the room in natural light. A woven linen curtain in warm sand color hangs from a French rod, elegantly separating the hall from the lower floor. The walls are dressed in art, and a large glass cabinet proudly displays Lina's favorite ceramics.

In the staircase leading to the lower floor, two Murano glass wall lamps cast striking shadows on the walls. Linas love for Murano is evident in Studio Laurin's collection, where one can find everything from magnificent chandeliers to elegant table lamps, all crafted with the same care and precision as when they were first created in the Venetian glass workshops. Each piece is personally selected by Lina, often from small auctions and antique dealers around Europe.

In the living room, we are greeted by warmth and color. Lina shares that she recently repainted the room from a pink shade. However, the pink was retained in the custom-built bookshelf, while the rest of the room received a more neutral tone to allow the details to stand out. At the large 1930s windows hang woven mustard linen curtains, a color that both blends in and stands out simultaneously. A Halyard Flagship chair stops us all in our tracks, and it’s precisely this mix of vintage, antiques, and modern design that makes us love Lina's home.

Freshly returned from the flower shop, Lina brings in bunches of flowers in purple hues, perfectly matching the deep purple sweet peas we brought along. We all agree that the combination of purple and yellow is a new favorite, giving the mustard curtains even more focus in the room.

The dining room is framed by green tones, where woven khaki linen curtains gently harmonize with the wooden dining set. In the center of the room, above the massive dining table, naturally hangs one of Lina's impressive chandeliers, crafted in Italian Murano glass, casting a warm, soft glow over the entire scene. The table is surrounded by elegant chairs designed by Danish designer Niels Otto Møller, whose curved lines and clean wooden surfaces contribute to a subtle Scandinavian elegance. The combination of green curtains, the artfully designed chandelier, and the timeless Danish chairs creates an atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and inviting.

The shaker-style kitchen, Lina explains, has been around for many years, but it feels just as current and timeless today as when it was first installed. The clean lines and craftsmanship give the room a classic charm that never goes out of style. The window overlooking the garden is adorned with a classic, pleated café curtain in fine linen, whose soft shimmer picks up the green tones from both the dining room and the nature outside. The combination of the shaker style's simplicity and the curtain's traditional detail creates a harmonious atmosphere that naturally connects the kitchen with the rest of the home.

This combination is often called a hotel-look and thanks to the double layers makes it possible to choose hos much light admission you want. By closing the sheer layer, the sunlight is filtered but not limited and by closing the blackout layer you can easily transform day into night (perfect for a teenager).

A constant throughout the home is that the colorful decor is counterbalanced by the natural materials and nuances of the curtains. Contrasts enhance, and the evidence has never been as clear as in this grand home on top of the hill.