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Hello Home, Jana Heinrici

In Uppsala lives one of our most wonderful and inspiring interior designers, Jana Heinrici. And how we have longed to come and visit the beautiful apartment, that we so far have only seen in picture.

Jana and her family have renovated this fantastic turn-of-the-century apartment, where she has matchesd the colors in each room with curtains in different fabrics and shades. In the spring, we also decided that it was time to try a lighter look in some of the rooms - so we drove to Uppsala with a car loaded with curtains!

In Jana's lovely bedroom, velvet curtains in beige are hung during autumn and winter, combined with thin linen curtains in sand for a light and luxurious hotel feeling. As the entire apartment is dressed in beautiful stucco, the curtains are hung in double wall-mounted rails, installed just below the stucco so as not to hide it. For spring Jana chose to change the bedroom curtains, from velvet curtains in beige to woven linen curtains in off-white, but the thin linen curtains in sand stayed. They fit just as well with both of the heavier curtains!

The living room is the heart of the apartment and immediately when you step through the door, you can sense the magic hidden inside! The natural tones of beige go perfectly together with Gotain's woven linen curtains in sand.

The curtain rods have been mounted as close up ceiling as possible, under the stucco to enhance the stately height of the room, and Jana has consistently chosen double-width curtains for a generous, textile look. By hanging them on a black rod that runs along both windows, you get contrast and more attitude, and Jana can also choose how she wants to distribute the curtains to easily change the look.

In the dining room and the adjoining kitchen, the sun is shining, and here Jana has chosen to combine curtain lengths and roman blinds in the same fabric, woven linen off-white. Roman blinds are a favorite in the kitchen, they are a nice to complement to the decor in this often forgotten room (when it comes to curtains), with the rest of the home! Just like in the living room, the curtains in the dining room are dressed on a black curtain rod, an elegant and traditional suspension, with a modern twist.