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Hello Home, Hanna Schiller Dufva

Hanna Schiller Dufva, founder of the antique shop bearing her name, lives in the charming Per-Albin row houses in Bromma with her husband and son. With a passion for antiques, Hanna has transformed their home into a treasure trove filled with historical items, each more fascinating than the last.

At Schiller Dufva, curious visitors will find a meticulously curated selection of handpicked objects, known for their form and craftsmanship. By combining Swedish design from the 20th century with elements from southern Europe and natural materials, the gallery offers timeless objects that add personality and uniqueness to modern homes. And in Hanna’s home, there is certainly no shortage of personality and unique details; wherever you look, there is something new to fall in love with.

On the ground floor, an open floor plan welcomes you, where a large shaker style dining table by Børge Mogensen unites the kitchen and living room. Above the table hang reproductions of Picasso's ceramic works from the 1940s, creating a playful contrast in the interior. From the hallway, you can see straight through the house, where light filters through sheer linen curtains, creating a soft and inviting atmosphere. Outside the windows is a beautiful urban garden, and Hanna shares that her sister lives just a few houses away, evoking a modern version of 'The Children of Noisy Village'. The sheer sand-colored linen curtains frame the large windows, providing both privacy and protection from the sun.

In the center of the living room stands a large, heavy travertine table. Hanna explains that the table is usually empty because their son loves to play with the items on it, but today, some of Hanna’s favorite pieces are on display. Her love for ceramics is evident, with vases in bronze and ceramic in various shades adorning both the coffee table and side tables.

The living room also features two armchairs, perfectly mismatched with a touch of Swedish Modern design. One armchair is upholstered in coarse linen, and the other in a contrasting pattern from Dedar. The woolly texture of the pattern harmonizes with Gotain’s latest addition, the bouclé sphere pillow.

The bedroom is characterized by light and harmonious tones, surrounded by woven off-white linen curtains. Here, modern and rustic elements meet in a balanced way, with an impressive wall tapestry portraying the loggias of the Vatican. Stacks of art books are seen everywhere, clearly showing Hanna’s passion for her craft. Every room in the house tells its own unique story, composed of a love for antiques and a constant quest for beauty and originality.

Hanna’s office is also decorated with woven off-white linen curtains, with a generous drape to the floor for a rich, textile feel. The room is filled with art books, furniture, lamps, and details. It’s easy to imagine Hanna working with a specific item she has discovered somewhere in the world, before it finds its new home through Schiller Dufva. Just like the rest of the house, the light walls and curtains create a neutral backdrop that highlights the details, giving the room a harmonious atmosphere where each object can shine.