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Hello Home, Angelica Svanström

When driving up to Angelicas house it kind makes us feel like we are on a vacation after passing grand fields of green and flora as far as the eye can see. The sun is shining, the kids are newly awake with tousled hair, and the breakfast is served on the rustic table with windows facing the green garden. So this is where they keep the summer.

In Södertälje just outside Stockholm live Angelica, a photographer, influencer, inspirer and ray of sunshine, together with her family in the house that they’ve owned for many years, but recently expanded and refurbished. The architecture has transformed from traditional, to something that can only be compared with an architectural masterpiece in the newly added part. Here we find ceilings reaching almost 4 meters high, sharp lines and arched doorways.

The grand windows blur the boundaries from the nature outside, and the lush woods both invite and embrace the house. Sheer linen curtains in white perfectly frame what can only be described as a painting outside, hanging from a black rod in wrought iron. In the interior decor we can see Angelica’s great interest (and eye) for antiquities, design and second hand, where everything from furniture to decorative details hold a history.

The crowning jewel of the kitchen is the grand bookshelf which Angelica found on Blocket, that has become the setting tone for the whole room. The feeling of contrasts continues, the modern meets the feeling of a farmers market, as the countertop is stacked with a plethora of eggs and fresh tomatoes. In the garden outside a grand outdoor kitchen is being completed, and we can spot both a grill and a pizza oven behind the trees. Towards the backside, generous doors open the way towards the grounds and are topped with a roman blind in sheer linen with a tone that goes hand in hand with the sand colored walls.

It’s a rare sight for us to see such a colorful kids room, where Angelica has surprised us all by combining curtain lengths in a mustard color, with roman blinds in terracotta. And the meeting of these two muted yet colorful nuances really turned into something amazing! In here we get charmed away by Angelicas two little kids, who gladly pose for photos and completely sell the idyll and the curtains like professionals. Even in here Angelica’s passion for furniture, auction bargains and craft is clear - and the little desk in the corner is no exception.

The bedroom is located in the ’old part’ of the house, but the plastered walls makes it feel like it could have been built yesterday. The centerpieces here are a generous bed and grand double doors, which open up towards the terrace where the outdoor kitchen is soon to be. The big windows is framed by both curtain lengths and roman blinds, where the sand color is a constant even if the textures differ. Here our newest pattern Gotnoir fits like a glove, a delightful contrast against the calm of the room.

The family’s both bathrooms are dressed with micro cement in a warm hue, and the harmony of drawing a bath with the forest outside is just one daydream away. Here roman blinds in sheer linen dress the windows, a perfect trick for privacy without compromising on the light. And since we were already there, we couldn’t help but try around with different roman blinds to find the perfect one - which one is your favorite?