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Hello (again) Home, Jana Heinrici!

Every time we get on the road towards Uppsala to visit Jana Heinrici, influencer, entrepreneur and bundle of joy, we know we have a lively day ahead of us. Jana was one of the first to jump on the train with our new colorful curtains, something which feels like a true match given her colorful personality!

In Jana’s living room change is something rather constant, but where the curtains and walls have been in neutral tones before, there now is a welcome and prominent accent of mustard yellow. The curtains in woven linen give a feeling of both nature and warmth, and are balanced by the boldly shaped furniture and coffee table in marble. Soft meets solid, monochrome meets pattern - which is the key in creating an interesting home with depth. The curtains are mounted on a black rod that runs along the whole width of the room, a trick in tying the windows together and creating a uniform feeling in the decor.

Working with contrasting colors is not something Jana is shy of, and the strong mustard color in the velvet curtains can be the ultimate partner for the deep petroleum nuance of the walls. The colors really bring out the best of each other, despite their sharp contrast the feeling is balanced. Working with opposites in tonality is an easy way in going bold, have a look at a color wheel and see for yourself!

For a luxurious homey feeling Jana chose to add roman blinds in a matching color, but in woven linen. Mixing materials instead of shades is a great way to ’mismatch’, without risking the nuances to clash, and gives a nice dynamic and intriguing impression.

Deep warm tones are key words for us at Gotain when creating new products, and the new nuance of Terracotta has become a true team darling. Present in Jana’s kitchen in the shape of lengths by the dining table, and a matching roman blind by the cooking area.