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Terms of purchase

§ 1 Terms of purchase

When purchasing an item from Gotains website you also consent to the Terms & Conditions of Gotain. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions the customer is bound to the entirety of the Terms and Conditions, and that the customer has taken note of all congruent information and consents to the management of personal data and Cookies in accordance with the policy of Gotain.

A purchase agreement is entered in connection with Gotain approving an order by sending an order confirmation via email. The order confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the customer at the time of placing the order. The order confirmation should be saved for potential contact with the Gotain customer service.

Gotain declares a reservation for price adjustments, stockouts and potential factual errors that can occur on our website or in our advertisments. With factual errors is meant for example, but not exclusively, potential errors in pricing, product descriptions and erroneous stock balance.

Gotain reserves the right to at any time modify the Terms and Conditions, pricing, assortment, descriptions or imagery on the website.

§ 2 Reclamation

All Gotain curtains undergo a thorough quality control i multiple steps before being packed and shipped. If your order is defect or erroneous upon receiving it, we kindly ask you to start a reclamation case as soon as the defect is noted. Describe the defect or damage as circumstantially as possible and enclose imagery of the defect, for us to be able to asses your case correctly.

If your reclamation case has been approved, a return note will be sent to you, which has to be used within 30 days - thereafter the reclamation case is forfeited.

In case of a non-approved reclamation case regarding a curtain/curtains, a service-fee of 299 SEK/curtain will be charged for the return shipping.

Regular wear and products purchased more than 2 years ago do not qualify as a reclamation.

Please note that all reclamation cases are handled over email. This due to our necessity to have a tracability in the dialogue, and therefore abstain reclamation cases over phone or chat.

§ Applicable law and Disputes

For legal relationships between the Customer and Gotain Swedish law shall be applied. Gotain conditions to follow potential recommendations from the National Board for Customer Disputes. Buyers within the European Union can employ the European Comission platform for conciliation in disputes, see If the complaint is placed through this platform, the case will be communicated to the relevant and responsible National dispute resolution authority, that will assay the dispute without the involvement of a court.

§ 4 Force Majeure

Gotain shall not be held accountable for infringements against the circumstances outside our control, including, but not circumscribed to, explosions, fires, lightning strikes, rough weather conditions, war, floods or industrial disputes (regardless if this comprises our employees or not).

§ 5 Copyright

All products and designs belong to Gotain, corporate identity number 559065-5642.

§ Personal Data

All personal data that we aquire from You, Gotain will answer for. The personal data that You provide us will be used in order to secure deliveries to You, credit rating and to provide you with offers. The information You provide is only available for Gotain and will not be shared with a third party.

§ 7 Cookies

This website contains so-called Cookies. A Cookie is a small text file that is stored in your computer which amongst other things tells us your user name at Gotain along with your history at Gotain, if you are a new customer or returning visitor in the store. There are two different types of Cookies, one that is stored permanently on your computer and a so-called session-cookie. The latter will not be stored on your computer, and is cleared out once you close down your browser. Your browser has to accept Cookies, otherwise you will not be able to place any items in your shopping cart. If you are experiencing any problems or have questions regarding this, you can can always contact our customer service and we will help you.