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Bedroom Look: Nest

The Nest look is a flowing bed frame that, with its simple yet impactful design, can transform any bedroom into a dreamlike oasis. Depending on the room's ceiling height, you can easily adjust how much the drapery hangs down above the bed.

The Nest look is a dramatic canopy bed inspired by the flowing, colorful textiles found in a Moroccan medina. With its simple yet impactful design, this look can transform any bedroom into a dreamlike oasis. The generous drapes and vibrant colors create an atmosphere of exotic elegance, giving the room a sense of both luxury and relaxation.

In this room, a woven linen curtain in double width hangs from a black curtain rod that has been cut into two parts and finished with French rod ends.

One curtain rod, measuring 100 cm in length, is placed on the wall above the bed as close to the ceiling as possible. The other rod, measuring 70 cm in length, is mounted on the ceiling at the foot of the bed. The drapery is created using a double-width curtain that is threaded through both rods, creating a flowing, wave-like effect in the middle.

Here, the look is showcased in a room with a ceiling height of 300cm, featuring a 600 cm long curtain. One curtain rod is cut into two parts, measuring 100 cm and 70 cm respectively.

Total price for this look: 695GBP.