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Hello Office, Adoore

The high pulse at a Adoores office makes us feel right at home. In one room curtains are being mounted, in another the final adjustments to a spring collection are made, and in a third a campaign is being retouched. So you understand, this is where all happens…

What many don’t know is that Adoore and Gotain hold a long intertwined story, as the founders Eleonora and Petra shared an office in their early days. Back then neither of them knew what they had gotten into, but makes this reunion 5 years later all the more special, surrounded by curtains from Gotain and attired in dresses from Adoore.

Probably only few are not familiar with Petra Tungården and her Adoore, the nowadays fashion-empire that has climbed all the way to the top of our wishlists the past years. Here patterns, colors and shapes are mixed with a stylish touch, and we could not have dreamt of a better place to drape our very first embroidered hotel voile curtains. On the spring mood-board we find deep yellows, green and red, something that truly aligns with Gotains first collection of patterned curtains.

The Adoore HQ is just around the corner from Östermalmstorg, and the office’s architecture truly aligns with the surrounding turn of the century apartments. Here textile is needed to bring warmth and softness, and of course tie together the selection of amazing furniture which adorns all spaces and corners. That Petra is a bonafide auction-lover is no secret, and here at the office the endless findings are gathered to admire.

The embroidered hotel voile curtains are complemented by timeless thin linen curtains in sand in the grand conference room, by Adoore called the ’content-room’. A neutral base that accentuates the colorful personalities of the dresses, and acts as a perfect backdrop for any future collection. Mixing the bold with the timeless in a seamless way, is an art Petra definitely masters!