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Hello Home, Valerie Aflalo

Coming home to the fashion designer and entrepreneur Valerie is truly like stepping into a tranquil oasis, with bright colors and airy environments. The house has been rebuilt from the ground, where she and her family have fulfilled their dream of an elegant and inspiring home, where the inside meets the outside with large industrial windows facing the lush garden.

Valerie herself is just as stylish as the fashion empire that bears her name, and we are welcomed into a home that has as much feeling of a new construction, as it has of a heirloom property. And that is almost exactly the case - when Valerie and the family bought the house it was a completely different style than what stands here today, with a history that goes back to the 70's.

When Valerie bought the house, it came with a long-term plan for the whole family, and the renovation to get it exactly as they wanted took almost a year and a half. Even then the original state of the house gave hints about its future potential, visions of a much more modern upholstery with industrial elements. Ceiling bars painted in white give a slightly rustic touch, and inevitably bring your thoughts to the Mediterranean, something that is further enhanced when the large glass doors that open up to the garden.

That contrasts are a cornerstone in interior design goes without saying, but it is rare to see such a clean textbook example as this home created by Valerie and her family. The sharp shapes of the architecture together with the black, industrial windows are complemented by thin linen curtains in sand tones that give a textured, natural feel. By choosing double-width curtains, you get the most generous and billowing waves. The thin fabric brings warmth to both the dining area and kitchen, without compromising on the lush landscape outside.