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Hello Home, Michelle & David

When we step into Michelle and Davids apartment on Östermalm, the first thing that strikes us is how the sun completely drenches the space. Could this be where they keep the light - absolutely!

The family has only lived in the newly renovated apartment for a few months - but the work that goes into creating a seamless, modern and unique home has been going on for a long time. Both David and Michelle have a clear sense of shape and color, and their interest in art is reflected throughout the apartment. We all fall in love with a piece that decorates the wall over the bar cart, and Michelle tells us that this is one she holds very dear, as she gave it to David as a morning gift on their wedding day.

The couple are two of Gotains first customers, and the linen curtains in the living room have dressed more than one home in the past. Despite numerous attempts from buyers, Michelle and David have been consequent in letting the curtains move together with the family, and just be altered to the new suitable length.

In the dining room, that is connect with the living room by a pair of grand turn of the century doors, thin linen curtains in white drape the windows. The thin linen curtains in particular are a perfect option to get the best of both worlds - both filter the strongest sun rays without compromising on light, and in creating a warm and inviting textile feeling.

The oldest boys in the family share the blue room, which makes us laugh at the fact that this room could have been entirely designed for Gotains roman blind in Petroleum. The matching with the wall color is simply perfect! The truth is that this match is completely a happy accident, as the initial plan was to choose a curtain in a timeless sand color, but was a last minute change of heart. Behind the roman blind hides the latest addition to our assortment, the black out roller blind, which is a perfect complement in making even the most headstrong children accept night time!

The bedroom is a textile lovers dream and even if many of us are wishing for plentiful windows, we all can probably agree that we also appreciate a good nights sleep. The answer? Black out curtains!

At Michelle and Davids we find windows facing multiple directions, and a ceiling mounted track is bent and fitted in order for the curtains to be moved seamlessly between windows. The sand colored curtains go hand in hand with the sober tone of the walls, and create harmony throughout the room.