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Hello Home, Filippa Von Heidenstam

If there is anyone that has got us curious, it’s Filippa Von Heidenstam, the stylish half of the innovative PR agency Heidenstam Schreeb. Finally we get to visit her Östermalm apartment to talk curtains, drinks and art.

Filippa is running late from a meeting, but we get immediately struck by her warmth and trust, when she left us her keys to get going with the photoshoot - even though she herself is not on site. And good thing that she wasn’t, as we needed at least half an hour of quality time to explore and admire all the art, decor and details. It’s clear that Filippa has a sense of color and shape, and that art is something she holds dear.

When Filippa flies throught the door she tells us that the apartment was her parents to begin with, and that parts of the decor are still kept in their style. The soft turquoise green wall color which is a constant throughout the home and the armchairs to name a few examples. And this is how we experience the decor that made us fall head over heals, the distinct mix of new and old, antique and modern. To connect the two worlds Filippa has made the choice of curtains her theme throughout the home, with woven linen curtains in ivory draped from a black rod. A favorite combination if you ask us!

The crown jewel of the living room is a tiled stove in creme white with decorative ornaments, a statement both visually and physically. The colored walls create contrast and give space for the tiled oven, and are beautifully complemented by the carefully chosen art which decorates the walls. In more than one place we find small collections with details from all corners of the world, and we completely fall in love with a pile of coasters on the drink cart signed Filippas childhood friend Beata Heuman. Filippa narrates the scenario of a night with friends where she loves serving a Negroni, and we find common ground in our love for a nice cocktail over a glass of wine.

Did we just step in to an Italian tavern or Filippas kitchen? No, we are still at Östermalm, but the old wooden chairs, collection of wines and textiles can truly make you wonder. Here a roman blind drapes the window with the same material as the curtains in the living room, perfect for a kitchen window where space is limited. In the kitchen you can also find an old entrance with a decorative interior door in steel, and Filippa tells us she has considered hiding it behind a curtain. Even if the Gotain-team always are partial to ”more is more” when it comes to textile, we agree that it would be a shame to hide the beautiful door as it only enhances the bistro-feeling of the kitchen.

In the bedroom the hotel feeling is complete and embraced by textile in two layers. Closest to the window hang the sheerest hotel voile curtains which give privacy and filter strong rays of sunlight, and towards the room black out curtains in woven linen are draped and give space for long mornings sleeping in.

If you are as curious as we are about Filippa and her goings, we recommend that you follow her at @flolinden!