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Hello Home, Emelie Von Hofsten

In the bustling heart of Stockholm, with Humlegården as their closest neighbor, lives Emelie von Hofsten, entrepreneur and inspirer, along with her husband Richard and their son Hugo. As an entrepreneur, Emelie has had an impressive career, with several successful startups in technology and sustainability under her belt. However, in recent years, she has reached out to thousands of people by sharing her personal story of being diagnosed with cancer in the prime of her life.

By openly sharing her journey through illness and recovery, she has become a strong advocate for cancer research and support for affected families. Her courage and desire to spread hope have made her a valued speaker and inspirer on both national and international platforms.

Over the past year, the family has renovated the apartment they now call home, making it truly their own. When the doors open, we are greeted by a world of imagination, playfulness, and color. Each room reveals something new and exciting, and it is clear that every detail has been carefully considered. It's a place where one is happy to spend the day, surrounded by creativity and warmth.

There is no doubt that the living room is the heart of the home. Here, the kitchen, office, and pathways to the rest of the apartment converge in an inviting center. With so many openings and passages, it can sometimes be challenging to furnish, but Emelie has elegantly solved this by painting all the baseboards in a light blue hue to tie the rooms together, and placing both the dining area and sofa group centrally in the living room. A large, inviting sofa group with a view of the greenery outside – can one wish for anything more?

The living room is surrounded by windows facing Humlegården, and Emelie has chosen to dress them in sheer linen. The fabric is just sheer enough to soften and frame the room without compromising light entry. Roman shades in sheer linen adorn the bay window in the middle of the room, a custom-made solution that creates the impression of a single unit despite using three separate blinds. The windows on either side of the bay window have a different, yet complementary look in the same fabric, with both Roman blinds and curtain panels. These hang on a brass rod that harmonizes with other interior details. Emelie has a keen eye for that cohesive thread in decor, and makes sure nothing is left to chance.

The sky-blue color that greets us immediately in the hallway guides us through the home's various rooms. When the next door opens, we glimpse the family’s bedroom on the other side, but before that, we pass what quickly becomes everyone's favorite room – Hugo's kingdom.

What could have been a difficult-to-furnish passage has instead been transformed into a charming room inspired by British cottages. A custom-built bed with integrated storage has created a cozy, inviting, and inspiring child’s room, strategically placed next to the parents' bedroom. Every corner has a purpose, and the smart solutions make the room both practical and playful. The red details in Hugo's room, such as the stripes in the textiles and the little bicycle, add the perfect finishing touch, bringing a lively contrast to the blue tones.

On the other side, we find Emelie and Richard's bedroom, where light flows in through large windows. Double-layered curtains give the room an elegant hotel feel, and the blue tones in the headboard and bedspread create a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere. Working with shades of the same color is an excellent way to add interest and dynamism without the room feeling cluttered or overwhelming.

Renovating offers the opportunity to shape one's home exactly to personal wishes, something Emelie and Richard have truly embraced. From the very first day of the renovation process, they had a clear vision and meticulously planned every detail, including the curtains. In several of the apartment's rooms, they have chosen to build cornices, a smart and stylish solution that conceals the curtain rails behind the molding. This construction creates the illusion that the curtains fall directly from the ceiling, giving an extra sense of height and space in the rooms. In the rails hang blackout woven linen curtains in off-white, along with thin linen curtains in the same shade, allowing flexible control over light filtering.

The guest room is the only room in the apartment where the otherwise consistent blue color scheme is broken. Here, it is replaced by a warm, almost golden mustard yellow shade through its woven linen curtains, which, with neutral wall colors, really come into their own and set the tone for the entire room.

Even here, the curtains hang in two layers, providing both function and style. Closest to the window is a sheer, thin linen curtain that lets daylight flow in and creates a light and airy feel. Closer to the room is the blackout curtain, giving guests the opportunity for a good night’s sleep, while also adding a weighty and luxurious feel to the room. To further enhance the mustard yellow color and create a cohesive interior, a bolster pillow in the same shade has been added. This detail acts as an anchor point and gives the room a clear signature color, demonstrating how two well-chosen details in the same color can be used to create a unique and memorable interior.

The careful planning and thoughtful choices of decor and curtains truly showcase Emelie and Richard’s dedication to creating a home that is not only beautiful but also functional and personal. Emelie’s ability to merge these elements while also driving important societal issues makes her an inspiring role model both inside and outside the home. A day spent with Emelie leaves one feeling warm both physically and emotionally, and we hope to return soon.