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Hello Again, Emelie Ekman

Since a year Emelie and her family live in Nacka outside of Stockholm. The newly renovated villa gives you the feeling of a case study-house in Los Angeles with its generous windows and straight lines. Are we still in Stockholm?

When crossing the threshold of the modern villa there’s no doubt that the living room is the crowning jewel of the house, with its double floor ceiling height and grand glass sections that let us get a feeling of the forest on the other side. An open fireplace in the corner makes this the family’s favorite place, regardless season, and the sheer hotel voile curtains that cover every inch of the wall make the generous windows feel soft and warm. The previous owner of the house let the tracks run along the top of the windows, but Emelie and her partner Sonny decided to to move the tracks all the way up to the ceiling to enhance the spacious feeling of the room.

The living room is dressed in soft tones of sand, matching perfectly with the sheer curtains, and contrasted by burgundy details. A sphere pillow and blanket in deep and warm burgundy red catch the eye and create a dynamic, without overpowering the space. Here wooden details meet crisp glass and steel, and the shapes of the modern furniture are reflected in the architecture.

By letting the hotel voile curtains be continuous from the living room to the kitchen is a simple detail, but makes all the difference in connecting the rooms in a harmonious way. Here even the corner is draped in textile, to create a seamless feeling between the rooms. Through the kitchen windows we get a glimpse of a massive terrace, and Emelie floats like a late summer dream through the curtains to pick lilacs from the bushes growing outside.

Emelies daughter Sigrid is lucky enough to have two rooms to choose from when its playtime, and knowing what a kids room-favorite it is, the curtains of choice here are roman blinds. In the play room the roman blind in off-white woven linen frames the window, and in the bedroom the same curtain but in pink. We find clear signs that pink is Sigrids favorite color in both rooms, where details and clothes preferably are in nuances of powdery pink.

On the second floor, apart from the bedrooms, we also find the couples office with a floor to ceiling window that has a grand view of the living room below. By letting the curtains drape all the way from the ceiling to the floor, almost gives them a double purpose by both dressing the office above as well as the living room above. Having a home office has been invaluable since both Emelie and Sonny work from home several days a week, and this window’s open feeling gives you a chance to keep an eye on the ground floor while working.