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How to: Mount curtain rails

Getting a beautiful and minimalist look when you hang your curtains is something that everyone can do, and for this we recommend a curtain rail. Gotain curtain rails come in complete packages with brackets, slides and stops, and can be easily adapted to your room.


Do you need your rail in a different length than our pre-fixed lengths? No problem, you can easily cut and join the rail to get to the right size!

Do you want us to cut the rail for you? No problem, just add 'Cutting Service' to your purchase! Do you need a longer rail? With the help of a joint part, you can easily join multiple rails into a longer one.


All Gotain curtain rails in complete packages come with brackets that are compatible for both wall and ceiling mounting. You easily mount the brackets in the ceiling or wall with plugs and screws that suit your wall/ceiling conditions.

Do you need longer wall brackets? Here you will find all our wall brackets in different measurements.


On the wall/ceiling brackets there is a small ‘lever’, it should point downwards to be able to hook on the rail. When the rail is placed correctly, it is time to fix and lock the rail in place. To do this, pull the small lever 90 degrees up to the side. You can easily release the rail by pulling the lever back to the starting position.

Frequently asked questions about mounting curtain rails